Registration Update (January)

Howdy folks!

I decided to do a quick overview of registration this week as well as catch up on some league activities.  Truthfully, I need more time to go through the tapes of my Jens Lepa interview.  That man WOULD NOT stop talking and was just a wealth of information.  You'll see that full interview in the next week or so. 

On to the truthful matters of our League.  So we love stats.  Okay, "I" love stats.  And we have 4 years of history of what registration has looked like.  Here's what that history tells us:

Between 2017 and 2019, we averaged 78 registrations in the month of January
Between 2017 and 2019, we averaged 45 registrations in the month of February
Between 2017 and 2019, we averaged 88 registrations in the month of March

History says, we start fast, finish strong and kinda suck in the middle.

If it was up to me, and it's not; but if it was, I'd completely do away with registration in March.  That would close things off at the end of February, take the stress off of the Ratings Committee, do the draft and have plenty of time for activities to prep for the season.  But I digress.

Thus far we're at 47 registrations.  Is that good?  Not particularly.  Is that bad?  Not particularly.  You need to remember that January is typically front end loaded by keeners (looking at you Laurier).  It's definitely, at a minimum, 'okay-ish' and with this being a transition, I think we need to be alright with that.  However, I feel a push coming.  Why do I say that?  Mainly because your Elected Executive is kicking ass and taking names.

So what's going you ask?  Well there is a multi-pronged approach.

First, our Elected Exec is spearheading a social media blitz through Facebook, Twitter and several other free (or near free) New Tec and Simcoe County media sources.  Our Facebook base has grown substantially over the last number of years and this blitz will take a solid communication network and start building it laterally through other sources.  Great strides are being made here!

Next up, our League is co-marketing with the Ladies league to reach new people with a flyer campaign.  We have three vehicles to do this.
  1. Friend, team mate & League stalwart, Jason Bowers has offered to include a flyer with each pizza delivery!  The flyer is in development and should be ready to show up with your Firehouse pizza by mid-January.  
  2. We have exercised the kind offer from Gail who runs the local Welcome Wagon to include our flyer with the care package delivered to new residents.  The beauty of this is that it's not just a package drop off.  All the items in the package are reviewed by the Welcome Wagon rep with the new resident, so we'll get of a "sales pitch" included. 
  3. The League is undertaking a "guerrilla marketing" campaign that will see us deliver flyers to all of the newer homes in Tottenham and hopefully (depending on participation) almost all of the residences in town.  This should be ready for execution early in February.  
Definitely some exciting times!
But wait .... there's more!  Your elected executive has come up with an incentive plan for bringing in new players.  First, how this works:
  1. When you have encouraged someone to register, there is a question on the signup form that reads, "If you are new to the League is there a current player with whom you've played any level of ball?"   Have them put your name in that spot.  
  2. On the off chance that they fail to do this, please send an email to TOTSLOPITCH@GMAIL.COM and give the name of the person that you've encouraged to sign up.  
Now what does that get you????
  • Bring in one (1) person and get free enrolment to the TOT August tournament which runs from August 7th to 9th (Friday, Saturday & Sunday).  Just a reminder that as usual, the August tournament runs the weekend AFTER the civic holiday weekend.  
  • Bring in two (2) people and get free enrolment to the TOT August tournament + one food ticket + soft drink ticket.  (The sandwich and drink can be upgraded to another ticket if you wish)
  • Bring in three (3) people and get free banquet ticket! 
  • Bring in four (4) people and get free enrolment to the TOT August tournament + one banquet ticket!  
  • Bring in five (5) people and get free enrolment to the TOT August tournament + one food ticket + soft drink ticket + one banquet ticket!  
If anyone gets more than 5, you'll probably be put in charge of marketing for the Chamber of Commerce.  

As it stands, we need to get over 210 to return to a 17 team league.  Our historical trends say we're on that pace, so that's good.  We need to hit about 230 to get to 18 teams which has a lot of value to us as a League.  Strictly from a scheduling standpoint, even number of teams are WAY easier to deal with than odd numbers.  It may not seem like a big deal from the chair you're currently sitting in, but we have a terribly complex schedule as it is and a return to even numbers would allow for things to flow, so much more swimmingly.

Second, I personally think it makes for a better playoff structure.  While we have had 3 different playoff structures over the past 3 years, due to scheduling and weather; 18 teams would allow us flexibility.  We could return to our "pool" format which wasn't necessarily better; but it was easier for people to grasp and for us to chart.  Or we could expand on our current format and afford more benefit to regular season finishes.

Regardless, having options are never bad things!

Finally, don't forget we will have C1 under lights by June 1st and we'll be able to add another team without increasing 9:30 games.  Definitely exciting times!


Being the ever aware, ear to the ground, nose to the grindstone, journalist that I am .... here are some quick hits.
  • 35th Anniversary!:  What's being done?  Who's working on it?  Is there a committee?  Here's what I know ... something is happening and it is all being kept VERY close to the vest.  But this executive is like a vault, they're not giving anything up!  The only thing I've heard and I must stress that it's not substantiated with multiple sources; is the following:   I've heard that there will be an open air concert on Friday June 12th, featuring Lionel Richie, Peter Cetera and Mr. Mister.  On Saturday June 13th, the bandshell will be showing a triple feature of Crocodile Dundee, Ferris Bueller's Day off and Top Gun.  On Sunday the 14th at 1pm the Legion will have Doyle Alexander, Jim Clancy and Garth Iorg signing autographs.  To celebrate the event, the Legion will only be selling Schooner Beer, Mickey's and Black Label. Again, all just rumour at this point.  Is that 1986 enough for ya?  
  • Ratings Committee:   The ratings committee has already meet twice and I'm told that a new formula is in development that will blend captain ratings with hard and fast, year over year and averaged statistical data.  The ratings committee is planning to eliminate the "legend" status where people keep getting rated in the same spots (high or low) based on an assumption of reputation rather than actual results.    
  • Captains:  Word on the street is that there could 4 - 6 new captains this year!  New captain for the Gruesome Devils and new captain for the Grisslies are expected.  Plus, we'll need either 1 or 2 new sets of captains depending on registration numbers.  Hell, might need 3!  As for the new sets, watch for an email from our President to set those wheels in motion in accordance with newly accepted article 13 in our constitution.
  • Transition:  Since the AGM at the end of November, there have been several transition meetings take place and more are scheduled.  The people who left the 2019 executive, Dwyer, Fleming, Hayward, are all good folks (jury is out on Dwyer actually) and determined to give the 2020 team the tools they need to be successful! 
  • Schedule:  The grapevine says that several versions of a schedule are in development, with Storms running the show and him leveraging a wealth of scheduling background from Will 'The Thrill' Goodin.  I know a lot of you want to work on the schedule, and that's super kind of you, but I've been asked to request that you back off on your volunteerism this one time.  The schedule is a nightmare on a good day and more people would make it impossible.  Thanks to all those that offered though!
  • Calendar:  If you go to our website and scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll see the dates for this year's events.  Rookie night, Draft Day, Exec meetings, tournaments, registration dates etc.  Make note!
Okay, gotta get back to the Jens Lepa interview!  You won't believe what he said about Emeil!


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